Size Calculator

Sizing is the hardest part!
It is important to note that Bloom Bra’s sizing is different from traditional bra sizing. Our bras are designed with a custom sizing system that fits more comfortably since traditional sizing does not account for every body type. We suggest you measure your bust and refer to our size chart to find your right size with Bloom.
Here is our fit guide:

Find Your Size

There is a science to measuring but our bodies all hold differently. We are here to support (pun intended) in the process.

1. Grab a tape measure! Measure your band directly under your breasts. It should be parallel. Jot that number down and round up to the nearest even.

My band measurement is: inches


2. Now take the tape measure around your back and the fullest part of your bust. Write that number down

3. Subtract the band size from your bust size to find the right cup size. 

My cup measurement is: inches


 The right bra size is essential for finding a bra that fits and feels comfortable. In this video, Bloom Bra founder Elyse shows you how to measure yourself and find the best fit for you.


Sports bras for big boobs are becoming more popular but most are not designed to be adjustable, breathable, comfortable and wire-free.  A larger bust requires different materials to hold and encapsulate each breast for higher impact exercise.  The band size is the most important measurement. 
We take all of the weight from the front and distributed it amongst mesh panels in the back eliminating the pulling on the shoulders and those horrible red lines.  We have a staff to help you find the correct size and offer free exchanges and returns. 
This was designed for large-breasted women by fuller-busted women who were frustrated by the athletic bras.