Wireless Freedom

Wireless Freedom

There are plenty of myths around wire-free bras.  Our team of large-breasted women has been very anti underwire for quite some time but as busty ladies the struggle to find an unlined bra is real.  The original jog bra was developed by sewing two jock straps together for support.  As bras evolved, the addition of hard wire became associated with supporting breast tissue.  Then companies like Victoria’s Secret started adding foam and padding to give an extra lift to the smaller busted.   

So why do we focus on wireless bras for big boobs?  How many times do you feel the underwire rubbing and chafing?  You walk in the door and want to rip the bra off of your body and see these massive red lines.  That is because all of the weight is pulling down onto these pieces of plastic. Using materials to make a breathable, incredibly lightweight, and comfortable bra was the challenge. It is a fallacy that you need your bra to highlight your natural breast shape but we do need them for a lift especially when we are exercising. 

Unlined bras can be engineered with the right materials to be supportive as any other bra. Sports bras should feel like a second skin that gives you all-day support and comfort. Materials should be soft to the touch - especially for those of us with sensitive skin.   We speak to women with autoimmune diseases and eczema who frequently who are trying to find a bra that does not itch.  This was such a huge focus when searching for antimicrobial and soft, breathing cup lining.  


Wireless bras can be for every shape and size. The myth that plus-size bras have to have wire has been busted. Bustier women have been demanding wire-free bras because they don’t want to suffer any more.  They also offer different levels of coverage. Lifting from the bottom like a shelf is a different feel.  It is like hands holding you up versus an uncomfortable . usty or not, unlined bras are a great style to add to your top drawer. 

Wirefree bras make your boobs look and feel great! A good support bra will feel like a barely-there layer that’s like your second skin. Adjustable and breathable bras should feel like you forget you’re wearing a bra.. The lightweight and breathable fabrics can be great for everyday wear but also give support for yoga, jogging and overall movement. They can make you feel more confident. Do not wear something that feels like you are wearing a suit of armor.

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