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The Best Wireless Bra For Lymphatic Circulation

The common misconception of going wireless when bra shopping is there will be no lifting support. In most cases women like to look sexy by showing off their perfectly lifted boobs by wearing either push up bras or basic underwire bras giving their boobs that round perky shape. When I was developing Bloom Bras, I wanted to create the ultimate sports bra that had an effect as if hands were holding me up when I was moving. However, more importantly than that I wanted to create a bra that gave women the lift they desired while protecting them from the harms of restricting their lymphatic circulation.

Bloom Bras offers the perfect solution to bra shopping as they created a bra that eliminates under wire, allowing women to look and feel sexy while restoring their breast shape, aiding in lymphatic circulation, and most of all rest assured that you are being protected from breast health issues.

The reality is our breast were created for natural movement in order for their anatomy to drain breast tissue. When we wear improperly fitted bras it restricts our breathing and lymphatic circulation which can contribute to cyclical breast tenderness, thus eventually leading most to breast disease. The process of lymphatic circulation is so important to properly care for because the flow of lymphatic fluid works with our immune system to aid in eliminating toxins. If we do not properly care for our breast this will not only lead to breast disease but allow for toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, and plastic residues to accumulate in your breast tissue.This sounds terrible right? Who knew wearing the wrong size bra or underwire had such dramatic effects on our health.

Here are a few factors that can affect the natural drainage of your lymphatic system

Wearing the wrong bra size: The majority of women which is a whopping 80% wear the wrong bra size. Noticeable signs that indicate the bra is not your size are, red marks after wearing the bra for more than 20 minutes, shoulder straps are leaving marks on the shoulders causing a divot, and extreme tightness from the underwire also leaving red marks underneath the breast. It is recommended to get fitted by a retailer every so often or eliminating underwire from your closet as it is harmful anyways.

Stress and shallow breathing: Life can become overwhelming at times causing us to stress out and forget that it is important to take a breather and relax. Stepping away from the desk or getting out of the house just for a little while will help ease your mind allowing you to refocus and come up with a plan. Daily walks or exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes is highly recommended. Lastly deep breathing for a few minutes a day will improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid. 

Surgical scar tissue: Enhancing our looks is a personal choice and totally normal as most people find something about themselves they'd like to change. However in this case having a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a mastectomy can impede drainage fluid in the breast from scar tissue blocking the natural flow. That does not mean there is a way to improve the flow of fluids. In order to decrease scar tissue, women may seek massage therapist who are trained in therapeutic breast massage, stretch their shoulders neck and chest daily, or invest in castor oil.

Breast health is so important! Know what you are putting in and on your body!

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My measurements are 33 around the rib cage under my breasts and 37 around on top/ largest part of breast. I usually wear 34 b but depending on manufacture it varies. What do you recommend from you stir with those measurements?


I would like to be fitted for a bra to make sure I get the measurements correct.

Marilyn B Maclean

Are there any Bloom Bra stores in San Antonio TX

Marilyn B Maclean

Interested in a good sports bra that really works.

Marilyn B Maclean

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