Uniboob: The One Breast Wonder of the Sports Bra World

Uniboob: The One Breast Wonder of the Sports Bra World

Do you know this feeling? You're at the gym or out for a run, and your sports bra lets you down. Instead of providing support, it gives you uniboob. If you're tired of feeling like you're wearing a pancake on your chest and want to know how to avoid uniboob, read on. 

What is Uniboob? 

The term "uniboob" refers to the situation in which breasts are pushed together so tightly they appear as one. Women with smaller breasts may get away with it, but the rest of us can't. And it's not just about aesthetics—uniboob can actually be painful. 

What causes Uniboob? 

Your sports bra size and style are the two main culprits of uniboob. If your sports bra is too small, it will compress your breasts too much and cause them to appear as one or spill over the top. If your sports bra doesn't have separation like traditional bras, your girls will likely be pushed together, giving you uniboob. And if you are like me - proud owners of large breasts, uniboob is practically inevitable if you wear a traditional compression sports bra. That's why finding a sports bra that fits well and keeps your girls encapsulated is essential. 

Uniboob health implications

Uniboob can actually be harmful to your health. No matter how big or small your breasts are, it is a fact that uniboob can create this dreaded look. But the problem is not limited to appearance. The fact about the uniboob is it can cause chaffing and irritation. If the breasts are pushed together, sweat becomes an issue. Also, yeast infections & rashes are a problem.

How to avoid uniboob and keep your boobs separate in a sports bra.

Make sure you have the correct measurements. 

The most crucial part of buying a sports bra is finding the right size. But don't worry, we have a fit guide for you. Watch the video below or read more here. Measure twice, act one. 

Choose a sports bra with separate cups. 

One of the best ways to avoid uniboob for large breasts is to choose a sports bra with separate cups. This will help to keep your girls from being pushed too close together. Check out this article to find the best sports bras for large breasts.

And if you are looking for a premium sports bra that keeps your boobs supported and gives a wow effect, you must try Bloombras. The patented cup adjustment technology helps to keep your boobs secured while creating just the right amount of cleavage while working out.

Bloombras: the new way to support your blooms

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