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What Your Breasts Are Doing To Your Back

As a bigger chested woman I often wonder if having big breast causes back pain and to finally confirm, the answer is yes! In recent years the average bust size has risen from 34B to a 34DD making this an even bigger issue. As more females are becoming bustier, It’s important to note that the upper part of the spine acts as the core of the rib cage in supporting the upper part of the body.

What causes back pain in big breasted women? 

Upper back pain is caused by the strain on the muscles and ligaments from poor posture and repetitive motions. This is a signal from the body that the spine, muscles, and nerves are being stressed. Women with large breast have an increased postural distortion pattern which causes a hump in the upper back, and an increased curve of the lumbar spine.

Ladies, I know this may seem discouraging but it is not the end for us. Like they say if there is a will there’s a way! At Bloom Bras, we have found four easy ways you can lower the chance of back pain that we are thrilled to share

Four Easy Ways To Improve Back Pain

1.)  Bikram Yoga Burns between 500 to 1,000 calories a session, warming up muscles to help burn fat easily. Yoga also acts as a deep core workout, which without a strong core you cannot have a strong spine. In addition, moving the body in and out of stretches and twists helps to dilate and constrict tissues, which pushes old and stagnant blood out inviting oxygenated blood into the tissues.

2.) Change in Diet the most common method found for reducing back pain in bigger chested women is exercise and weight loss. However what goes hand in hand with losing weight is a healthy diet. In order to stay strong and healthy, we must eat whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, white meat, protein, and lots of H2o. These foods will also help in burning belly fat resulting in a stronger core, thus a stronger spine.

3.) Practice Posture Most women slouch which makes sense as we carry breasts on our chest that can be heavy depending on size. This causes our chest to fall down and our shoulders to round forward. Practicing good posture will develop a natural habit to maintain that kind of position. Remember shoulders back, head over shoulders, and chest up!

4.) Find The Right Bra For You It’s important to find the right bra for your shape and size since they help distribute the weight of large breast, which is our focus. This especially applies to women with narrow backs, who have a more concentrated distribution of weight than women with wide backs. This simple gesture will improve posture and help relieve back pain and migraines associated with muscle tension.

At Bloom Bras, we are all about women empowerment and offering informational tips to women of all shapes and sizes. For more information follow our blog and feel free to leave comments below!