Woman swimming with big boobs

What It Feels Like To Swim With Big Boobs

I am not big on resolutions but I do meditate and set daily and yearly intentions. As the CEO of Bloom Bras, I find myself doing a ton of juggling. One of my intentions for this year is to do something selfishly good for me every day. This week, I have gone on a solo walk, taken a restorative yoga class, almost died in a cardio kickbox class, grabbed coffee with a dear friend and her children, and this weekend, I am tackling my closet clean out. Wish me luck! Today, I attempted something I never thought would appeal to me. I voluntarily got in the pool to swim laps.

So my observations on swimming with big boobs:

  1. Swimsuit shopping sucks! Like so many, I went into the local store to buy a swimsuit that I could swim laps in. As a GG cup, that is limited. I tried on everything I could find. The girls were not cooperating. Some were too low-cut, some popped out of the sides, some felt like they were resting on my belly button. And if they fit me in the chest, they were not comfortable elsewhere. The 18 year old associate was sweet but I barely let her in so there was no way I was going to wear any of these options to the Community Center pool. And online was just as confusing to me. This, coming from the owner of an e-commerce bra company! So I swam in my Bloom Bra and trunks. Many of you have asked when we are doing swim and the answer is that it is very high on the list but there are other areas to address first.
  2. Swim caps and goggles not attractive. This is not meant in vain but more as a statement.
  3. Whipping off the towel was almost as difficult as jumping into the cold pool. I consider myself a confident curvy woman but there is something about the process of taking off the towel that always sends a bit of a shiver. Years have passed since the torments of middle school boys but yet those fears are back full-force. I remind myself that no one is probably even looking up on the what seems like a forever journey to the pool.
  4. Swimming with boobs is magical. I seriously never even noticed their presence with them moving in unison with the rest of me. Where has this sport been all of my life? This was my first time swimming laps since well, it was required in high school in Michigan. I felt like an aerodynamic torpedo my first few laps. No boob sweat pure joy. And for those of us with chronic back pain, it was low-impact but high cardio. 
  5. Now that I had found this hidden gem, I wanted to get better so I Googled Swimming With Big Boobs. warning do not try that at home! We had very different intentions.


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