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Sports Bras for Big Boobs 101

There are many reasons you may be needing a supportive sports bra. Maybe you are tired of doubling up on bras, maybe you experience pain while in your breasts while working out and maybe you are just simply tired of those dreaded indentations in your shoulders.

Prevent Pain

Boobs hurt!!! They should not and do not have to. According to Sarah Butler, in her article 8 Things to Know About Running and Your Breasts, while working out your breasts and tissue go through lots of movements such as moving up and down, side to side. All of these motions can lead to tissue damage in one's breasts (Butler, 2017). Most of which is irreversible. At the end of this blog, we will include some exercise tips while working out to maintain healthy breasts.

Boob Sweat Is Real!

Materials are essential in reducing that unwanted boob sweat or as we like to say humiditities. A requirement of all Bloom Bras community members is to have a sense of humor as breasts are just funny. We love a good sweat but come on now. Bloom Bras fabric is designed to be lightweight and regulate sweat while increasing airflow to the skin in a comfortable fashion.

Minimize Movement and Provide Support

Different physical activities require different levels of control needed. Yoga, walking and light exercise may only need what is considered light control for our less-endowed ladies but even our less jumpy activities need heavy lifting. Bicycling, running and other intense workouts require maximum support but that does not mean a complex suit of armor.

wireless front closure sports bra provides best support

Three Exercises to Maintain Healthy Breasts

  • The chest fly
    • This requires dumbbells with a lightweight. On the floor lie down on your back and open your arms with dumbbells in your hands. Push your hands up straight above your chest until your hands meet. Pull your arms up to the floor slowly and repeat 8-16 times.

chest flies on back for support
  • Rear lateral raise exercise
    • With hands wide open and dumbbells in your hands, stand with feet and hips-width apart. Slightly bend your torso to the front, and push your hands in front of your chest. Repeat 8 to 16 times, and increase the frequency with time.
dumbbell flies for chest strength
  • Wall push-ups
    • Face the wall and rest your hands on it. Stand with a straight body away from the wall. Pull your straight body to the wall then push back. Repeat 10 to 20 times

Whether you are a 36DD or a 40DD, wall push-ups are good for a big chest!


8 Things to Know About Running and Your Breasts

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