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Social Good During Social Distancing

Our nation is now weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic and for most of us social distancing is the new norm. If we are lucky we are able to remain employed. However, uncertainty lies in businesses across the nation. Both small businesses and even large companies may be facing lay-offs and the possible outcome of closing their doors all together. Instead of letting fear set in, this can be an opportunity for companies to examine their business practices and for consumers to reevaluate who they want to support. An article written by the Business Insider revealed that many major brands that we all know and love have been using wasteful tactics by throwing out damaged or unsellable products/goods. According to Harmony Enterprizes Inc, US citizens throw away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. These are the same products that could possibly help people who are impacted at this very moment. While the whole nation undergoes so much change during this time, we need to be thinking about the future and how reusable options and charitable donations can play a major part.

So how do we change this statistic and when should we act upon it?

As a modern woman and mother, I know that I want to endorse brands that not only believe in the happiness of their buyers but also the wellbeing of the community. We can work together in order to reduce less waste, by changing our ways and creating awareness of how much product is being dumped into our landfills. We need to support our local businesses that are passionate about these same values and it all starts by utilizing our local charity systems and recycling practices to give back to those who need it the most. This brings us to Bloom Bras. We enforce sustainable practices in the factories of Sri Lanka. The factory has been built on land that can sustain itself, employing skilled workers from neighboring villages, with housing provided for those who have to travel for work. We use fresh spring mountain water to power our factory, grow fruits, vegetables, and rice to feed our employees. Each of our bras is sourced from high quality materials that are soft and comfortable to best suit you. With every Bloom Bra purchase you are buying into a more sustainable future.

Post from Bloom Bras Facebook Page on Feb 12th 2020

Elyse Kaye, Founder of Bloom Bras stated in efforts to raise breast cancer awareness made this statement, We will be donating sports bras to those survivors who are trying to get back on their feet. We want to hear your shout outs, sponsor your teams and be a part of your incredible journey. Each one of us has been affected or will be with a woman (or man) in our lives. The ability to embrace these platforms and products by helping the greater good is everything a consumer can ask for. I will always stand for a better future not only for women's health but for the planet.

So go and Support your local reusable businesses today!

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