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Bra Sizing - Finding

Why is bra sizing so darn confusing? It is an ever-moving, always-changing number and letter combination with no standardization across brands. How do I find my size? When we meet with women, our staff is trained to ask what size bra do you think you are? Write that number down. Now when was the last time you were sized and where? When you think of your favorite bra, how old is it? FYI, mine is from seven years ago.

Now, if you put 10 women who are all 38DDD next to one another, they will look very different based on body type, how they hold, age, race and desired outcome. Our bodies change throughout the month 10% naturally. If you are a B cup, no big deal but an F cup can fluctuate a full cup size. Things like hormones, time of the month, normal weight gain and loss, stress and even temperature can cause this.The average dress size in the US is now a 14/16 which is the equivalent to a 44/46 band. 70% of women are a D cup or above. So, why do most brands stop at way less than the national average?

The short answer is that sizing is hard - especially if you are an online sports bra brand. When I was developing Bloom Bras, I was passionate about having the most body inclusive line on the market designed for comfort, adjustability, breathability and without underwire. After talking to thousands and thousands of women, here is our guide to selecting the right size for you.

From puberty to pregnancy to perimenopause to the party years, our breasts grow, shrink, sag, so your size changes. 

The most accurate way to get to your size is to take a tape measure and use our fit calculator. We suggest measuring under the bust and then around the back, across the nipple. And, brands will tell you to add 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 inches to the band size to calculate. Other brands like Third Love and Jockey have challenged conventional sizing. Because Bloom Bras are adjustable and without molded cups and underwire, they too will fit very differently which is why we offer free advice, exchanges and returns.  

And then there is vanity sizing which is what companies like Victoria's Secret is famous for.  They prey on the American general desire to have a smaller waist and a larger cup.  So if you are a 34B and they tell you you are a 32C, we are trained to buy more.  This has trained entire generations to believe they are a different bra size.  Bra shopping has started to move online throughout the past few years because of the negative experiences.  

Please help us be a part of the solution and send over your suggestions. In the meantimes, contact us with any questions.

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