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Dont Let Big Breasts Slow You Down: How To Keep Running

What is running really like with large breasts? Have you ever thought about how much your breasts weigh and how this can impact your workout? On average breasts weigh 3-8 pounds per breast. Think about it this way, “Imagine having 3 cans of soup or a pre-bagged bag of apples attached to your chest and needing to hold that weight” (How Much Do Boobs Weight Based on Their Size). Women with DD cups can expect each breast to weigh over 2.5 pounds! The average breast size in America is a 34DD! So how do we deal with the frustrations of exercising with this issue?


1 in 3 women across the world feel that their large breasts are the biggest reason they refrain from working out. Should women with large breasts just stay far away from the treadmill and running? No! While you might have had feelings of insecurity and worry that your girls will “run” away from you in the past, there is no reason for that anymore thanks to Bloom Bras. I wear 34DD and can not tell you the number of times I was to shy to go for a run in my neighborhood. When I wear a Bloom Bra I can let my "girls" be free and stop caring what others think. So, with this, be yourself! Run! Jog! Jump! Swim! Don’t think of running with big breasts as an obstacle, but a challenge you will overcome.


In the past, before I would go for a run I dreaded the struggle of having to put on a sports bra (only to find out it did not really provide the right support anyways). Those bras also tended to be extremely uncomfortable. I'd often wonder if I needed to wear two? The answer is no, but wearing the correct high impact supportive sports bra is key! Just because I am carrying around the equivalent of two bowling balls doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same love and support other women are getting from their sports bras! Bloom Bras provides just that! Finding the motivation to run can be difficult. So, what do I do to motivate myself to get over the pain, insecurities and stress this is adding to my day? I stop caring what others may think of how I look while running with big boobs. I put on a supportive, comfortable Bloom Bra and get running!