running with large chest on beach

Running With Large Breasts

What is running really like with large breasts? Have you ever thought about how much your boobs weigh and how this can impact your workout? On average, a pair of breasts weigh 15 - 23 pounds. Imagine running with a Thanksgiving turkey and can of cranberry bouncing on your chest according to Discovery Magazine.  The average breast size in America is a 34DD! So how do we deal with the frustrations of exercising with this issue?

1 in 3 women across the world feel that their large breasts are the biggest reason they refrain from working out. Should women with large breasts just stay far away from the treadmill and running? No!  I wear 32GG and can not tell you the number of times I was to shy to go for a run in my neighborhood.  Running with a large chest was the reason the original job bra was creates.  It is physics that shows that 90% of the weight pulls to the front band of the bra.  At Bloom Bras, we aspire to take the weight from the front and distribute it to the back.  

Women who are busty will often tell stories of giving up running because of discomfort.  I would always wear two sports bras at once or an underwire underneath. The vision would be to have someone running behind holding them up.  That did not seem sustainable.  Enter Bloom Bras which was designed for women by women with a focus on bigger breasts.  Wearing the correct high impact supportive sports bra is key! Just because I am carrying around the equivalent of two bowling balls doesn't mean there is not solutions for runners of all shapes and sizes! Our breasts should be caught on the way down like a shock absorber.  Finding the motivation to run can be difficult but it should not be because we have large breasts.  

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