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Jenny Rieu in Bloom Bras!

We are honored to have the inspiring Jenny Rieu wearing Bloom Bras! Check out her review of our revolutionary Bloom Bras on her blog at

Words from Elyse Kaye, the Founder and CEO from Bloom Bras:

“I’m a runner, dancer, yoga instructor and reformed corporate executive. I have purchased every sports bra on the market in my size. When I ran my first half marathon, I wore an underwire bra under a sports bra to get the support I needed. There was no skin left on my back from the hooks digging in and on the front from under wire. I wanted to develop a sports bra that fit real women like me.”

When Elyse Kaye reached out to me about shooting the campaign for her new sports bra ” Bloom Bras ” I got really excited, as I had been wanting to do something completely different from what I had done so far as a model. I have modeled some of the prettiest lingerie in the world from designers and brands that inspire me so much and allowed me to live my most Glamorous fantasies. But at the end of the day, like everybody else I am not dolled up all the time and I loved stripping off the glam to create this edgier look.



I am myself a Yogi, as I started Bikram Yoga back in 2008 when I first moved from Paris to New York to become an actress. I re-discovered my yoga journey last August when I got into yoga sculpt and other variations of yoga taught in a heated room. To do this kind of practice you must have a lot of stamina and determination. I am often challenged in class, but I have that inside dialogue within myself where I tell myself that I got this. The feeling of empowerment and strength is one that stems from labor, hard work and a lot of determination. When I wore this sports bra for our campaign together with Bloom Bras I felt empowered, strong and I was even inspired to grab my weights.


When I introduce a new style to my audience, I always make sure that it is something that I am truly proud to endorse. Bloom Bras are designed to fit fuller busted women like me who are looking to achieve full support and not be bothered by an underwire that will end up hurting them.  I must confess I love wearing practical clothing and underwear too. So I was thrilled to be able to give a test run to this new sports bra. I used it for a quick run and also to lift up weights, which is something I do regularly at yoga sculpt.



The straps are also extremely comfortable and I love how  they are connected to this sheer mesh back part of the bra, that gives you the feeling of breathing in your bra. I also felt that the weight of my breasts was evenly spread out across my back through the Divot Control System offered by this style.

There is also no painful underwire to deal with. I can’t tell you how many times I tried on sports bras before that made me feel like I was suffocating and on top of it I could feel the wire digging through my skin. Well none of that discomfort is happening with my Bloom Bra.


I love that the bra has a front zipper and a little hook to keep everything in place. This is the most practical sports bra I have ever tried on and I cannot wait to use it regularly for my yoga practice and for my day to day errands. This bra feels sexy, empowering and I already found ways of wearing it with some of my cute outfits. I would say though that as much as I love this bra, it doesn’t fully support and that’s why I would recommend it for low impact workouts. I tested the bra by wearing it for a run and I just didn’t feel supported at all. Nonetheless if you plan on using it for a yoga practice or any low impact workouts, this is a great alternative to any crop tops.


To determine what size you need, Bloom Bras’ website has included a fitting chart. I find it especially helpful since nowadays most of us shop online and don’t ever go to malls to try on our lingerie. This makes it crucial to include a fitting chart for the modern woman who wants to receive her new bra at home and save herself the hassle of going to a Bra Store.

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All photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.

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