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How To Choose A Bra After Surgery

Surgical bras that have a front closure to make it easier post surgery are hard to find.  Our team spent years evaluating all of the post-surgery bras on the market. Whether it be after shoulder surgery or mastectomy or post op for nerve damage, patients should find a breathable, comfortable, and easy-to-use solution that will not cause damage.  

Recovery after any major operation requires rest and rehabilitation. Your body is healing.  Your doctor will give you the prescribed plan. Comfort, ease of use, breathability and wire-free are key factors in selecting a bra. Pain and discomfort in the area are bad enough but awful underwire or hooks just make it that much worse  Sports bras are often recommended during this sensitive time.  Front-zip sports bras with wide straps are going to be the best option in most cases.  Those with adjustable cups are even better. Your body could take 6-12 months to truly settle in depending on your type of surgery, recovery plan, age, even race.

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