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Dolly Parton: Going Above and Beyond

Dolly Parton. We all recognize the name of this famous country singer. Whether we know her for her music, acting or looks- Dolly Parton is a household name. However, Dolly does so much more than what people may know. When she's not on stage or walking a red carpet, Dolly is investing and donating her money to a wide variety of causes that are important to her. Here are 5 of the best things Dolly Parton has done aside from her career.

Dolly parton in the 70s
1) Something that many people know of that has to do with recent events is Dolly's participation in the creation of the Moderna vaccine against COVID-19. Dolly Parton contributed a substantial amount of money to this research- and encourage her fellow Tennessee citizens to follow her lead and get the vaccination too.
Dolly Parton Getting Moderna Vaccine
Fun fact: Dolly sang Jolene while getting her first dose of the Moderna vaccine.
2) Establishing the Dollywood Foundation shows Dolly's passion for philanthropy. The message of the Dollywood Foundation is to "inspire children to dream more, care more and be more." One of her first programs through this foundation rewarded children who graduated with 500$. She established this program in the city she grew up in to combat the high dropout rates she was familiar with, and she was successful at accomplishing this goal.
Dollywood Foundation Archives -
3) Launching the My People Fund was another great act of philanthropy by Parton. Her goal was to support families affected by natural disasters. 
4) The Imagination Library was founded by Dolly Parton to provide books to children "no matter their families income." Her goal is to get children reading before they go into school, setting them up for later success.
Dolly Parton Reading
5) A fun adventure of Dolly's that anyone can partake in is her very own theme park: Dollywood! Theme park, water park, dinner shows and more! Dollywood really has it all. Fun fact: Dolly gets too motion sick to ride the rides at her theme park.
Dollywood Named Top 10 Best Amusement Park in the World by Tripadvisor |  The Country Daily
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