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Diversity and Body Inclusion - An Open Letter to Facebook

Recently, Bloom Bras boosted an ad on Facebook showcasing 4 beautiful women dancing. Facebook blocked it.

The reason given - indecency. This has happened every time each time we show a woman with curves.  It also made my blood boil as a body positivity activist, woman with curves and consumer of social media.  

My feed is constantly filled with sexually explicit ads of women taking off shirts or whipping their hair or arched getting into bed. I sent dozens of examples in my multiple appeals to this denial.

Diversity and Body Inclusion ��� Comfortable Bra for Curvy Women, Plus size, Open Letter to Facebook

I am really proud of the diversity of body shapes, sizes and stages of life we work with. They are real women who have not been photo shopped or airbrushed. It is shocking to me that Facebook continuously blocks images showcasing curvy women.

We are trying to change the industry to include sizes and women who represent the majority of the population. 70% of women are above a D-cup now. That is not plus-size. That is real size. It is our responsibility as brand leaders to showcase women that look like us. Inclusion cannot be just a buzz word in 2019.

Diversity and Body Inclusion ��� An Open Letter to Facebook

It was never my intention to start a fight with Facebook and Instagram. Frankly, our products are designed for functionality, comfort and support so they are anything but risque.

We are a small business that cannot compete with the ad budgets of the masses (nor would we want to). But I am so sick of the double standard! We struggle to get an answer from Facebook on their metrics for deeming who they feel is acceptable to be represented in our feeds.

However, mark my words that Bloom Bras will continue to represent visually and in product execution.

Please join me in demanding better!

Diversity and Body inclusion

Elyse Kaye Founder,

CEO and 32GG


Elyse Kaye

Founder and CEO of Bloom Bras and Aha Product Solutions has spent 20 years developing brands through product innovation for companies such as Black& Decker, HoMedics, Nine West, P & G and House of Marley. She is a runner, dancer and yoga instructor. For years, she sought out a sports bra that worked and after research found that there were countless women like her who were active without a solution. She wrote the business plan for Bloom Bras 15 years ago and brought together a dream team to bring her vision to life

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