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Beware the Itchy Situation with Underwire

Push up bras and underwire can help to give your boobs a bit more perk but be cautious.

Did you know 90 percent of the breast's weight falls onto the band of a bra?

No more red lines!!  They are the worst. This leads to the red marks you might be experiencing. And the shape of the underwire can cut off the blood flow to your lymph nodes and increase toxin buildup in your body. This can lead to skin irritation and a high chance of skin infections as well as other horrible indirect effect such as breast cancer.
Some people might say that some skin irritation in exchange for an awesome cleavage is only a minor irritation that they can put up with. However, constant skin irritation increases the risk of infections. So the more irritation you put your body through, the more infections you will experience.
Skin irritations occur due to the fact that there are many microbes that live on one's body, blocked by one's skin. Our skin is the barrier but with chaffed and irritated skin, bacteria and/or fungus can seep into one's skin, which could lead to an infection.
The chance of infection is further increased by the fact that the underneath of one's breasts are hot and moist, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and/or fungus. Underwire of a bra is a perfect environment for bacteria to live, so if you are not careful you could have recurrent infections if not taken care of properly.
Your favorite bra is usually the one that fits you most comfortably. However, bras with underwires give women a false sense of support because they believe the tighter the fit the better. But this is false thinking because it is actually preventing your boobs from breathing.
Bras that are made from cheap materials can actually have the wire pop through as experienced by Erin; "I was in a meeting and turned quickly. Next thing I knew, the underwire from my bra was puncturing my skin."
Cheap materials can lead to dermatitis. The chances of getting dermatitis is also increased by the fact that the underneath of one's breasts are hot and moist, leading to more sweat being produced.
For our mamas out there, your breasts get fuller when lactating and wearing an underwire bra can be disruptive and impair the flow of milk, which may lead to blocked milk ducts. This causes a lot of pain and can lead to further problems for a woman's health as they get older! This does not mean you have to toss out all of your old bras but be careful. And when exercising, choose a bra without any underwire.
Contributions from Helen Zhou.

Sources: https://thehealthorange.com/stay-happy/holistic-living/boobs-may-look-great-underwire-bras-bad-health/


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I was sent eight emails in the space of five minutes, immediately after ordering. I sincerely hope that this is an error that I’m drawing your attention to, and not intentional. Also, this was supposed to be a link to a survey, not a blog post.


15 separate emails from you the day I ordered my first bra from you is very excessive don’t you think? Depending on how this new bra fits – I might consider not ordering from you in the future.

Laura Daly

I’ve noticed intense itching only at nite time when I remove my bra. Could my underwire bra be causing this? I also wear padded bras with same itching.

Romelia Rodriguez

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