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Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why

Ah, the holidays. All the lights and decorations, warm houses, and all of the delicious food. The holidays also mean long hours, stress, anxiety of seeing family you don't always talk to, overeating and the pressures of figuring out how much to spend on obligatory, superfluous gifts.

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There's always that one embarrassing, recycled story that gets retold by Dad that we've grown tired of hearing, a line of questioning awaiting, oh and that pressure to feel a certain level of happy during these times. But we make a pact to start the new year fresh. I still find myself going back and forth on my belief in New Years resolutions. I definitely know that this coming year, I want to form new, healthier habits for myself. Are you with me?

Upwards and Onwards

The life I live as a full time student in college is as healthy as circumstances allows. Of course, as in every facet of life, there's always room for improvement. This holiday season, I'll definitely be in search of some deals to perhaps externally motivate me to implement these new habits. My love of fashion can really motivate me when I need an externality to do so. One thing that has been on my wish list for a while has been a new sports bra. Maybe some new athletic apparel couldn't hurt either. When I can represent myself through clothes, I feel a deeper connection to the acts of these new habits.

A great sports bra is truly the foundation for creating feelings of positivity and optimism going into this new year. This is in addition to having solid plans to form new, life improving habits. I'm so grateful to be interning here with Bloom Bras. It allows me insight into what goes into making a bra that offers support, without having to give up the sleek appearance.

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Will I stop eating carbs? Realistically, no. Will I suddenly decide that cheesecake is not the best thing on this planet? Not probable. But can I commit to wearing things that support me and my body on this journey? I think I can manage. As my body changes throughout the year, I am seeking clothes that can change with me. I want to ensure I get full benefits out of these products (the most bang for my buck). The overall idea of the new year, personally, is to step out of my comfort zone and reach even higher than I did in 2018.

Making the Changes

I often find that growth happens outside of where I normally stand. Things often become monotonous or stagnant there. As far as new habits, I feel I can commit to switching up my typical workout routine, possibly incorporating some new techniques I've been interested in. Even further than fitness, I'm going to challenge myself to go beyond in other areas of my life (professionally, academically,socially etc.) but I still definitely want to keep health in the spotlight. I'm undoubtedly striving to improve my morning habits, which something I've been contemplating for a long time. I'm aiming to do something more productive than the typical 5-more-minutes talk I have with myself every morning (and fail to adhere to).

In addition to adjusting how I start my days, I want to meditate more regularly nightly. I want to allow myself to let go of the day in order to attend to my personal, mental health. I know how detrimental sleep is to health and how little of it I already get being in college. Releasing the built up tensions will be essential to feeling my best and getting the best quality sleep I can.

The Future is Bright

All of these habits I'm working to form and implement will undeniably be challenging I assume, but overall, they're not unattainable! I am optimistic about these small, but key elements of change I'll be introducing in this new year. I feel that keeping goals attainable and taking the pressure element off of the results is a major key to the follow through. Keep it lighthearted, optimistic and thoroughly enjoy the process going into this new year!

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