2021 golden letters

2021 - The Year for Curvy Women

Let's ADD ON for 2021. I do not know about you but my feed has been filled with talk about loss - weight loss, ditching carbs, cutting out sugar. My feeling is that we all had enough loss in 2020 and I would rather focus on what we can add on. This year threw us all more than a few curveballs. Most of us shed a few tears, some refocused careers by choice, others by demand. Some days were extremely hard and others had amazing silver linings. I learned the benefit of Zoom backgrounds, the mute button, got a pandemic puppy and new found respect for the people who make memes.  I had a chance to slow things down and refocus.  I reconnected with my friends and family from all over the world without having to get on a plane. When a major retailer pulled out leaving us with years worth of inventory, we pivoted and donated to our essential workers. When America was hurting, we employed hundreds of people in LA to make masks. And, when I was at my personal lowest, I ready your incredible letters, emails and posts. So F-2020 and it's losses. My promise to myself and to our community is to ADD ON. ADD ON more diversity in our imagery. ADD ON more sizes and colors. ADD ON more ways that we can encourage each other to feel strong in our bodies whatever shape or size. Stay beautiful and fierce yall. Happy new years XOXOXOXOX Elyse

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