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5 Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Sports Bra

You know the importance of a good sports bra for running, yoga or tackling a cross-fit class. However, you also know how gross a sports bra can get after a sweaty workout session. 

Personally, I only have a few sports bras on rotation and try to do laundry as least as possible! However, what I've learned is that washing them actually extends their life span.  Plus, it is pretty gross if you don't.
It also keeps your boobs from getting a staph infections (ew!). So how does one take care of their sports bra? Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Take off your sports bra RIGHT AFTER you work out!

You might think I am just going to run a few errands right after the gym which results in you wearing your sports bra longer than your time at the gym.

Get in the habit of take off your sports bra as soon as the workout is complete! Sweat and bacteria can break down the fabric of the sports bra and stretch the band out, so it is very important to take it off after exercising and give it a rinse.

Tip #2: Hand washing your workout gear

The Bloom Bra is designed to be machine washed.  If you really want to take care of your stretch garments and workout gear, then hand washing them is the most gentle.
Take just a small amount of detergent, scrub it into your sports bra, rinse, and hang dry flat! However, if you use the same sports bra regularly, do a more thorough wash.

Tip #3: Machine was your sports bra on delicate!

If you are washing a sports bra in the washing machine then you MUST wash it on the delicate cycle to ensure your sports bra is safe through the wash. This goes for any type of bra.
Also, wash like items with like items. Make sure to wash your sports bra with similar materials and for extra insurance that your sports bra is safe through the wash you might want to invest in a lingerie bag so that your bras do not lose their shape.
Also, a lingerie bag can be thrown in with your other clothes if you're only trying to do one load. As a general rule of thumb, follow the directions on the label of your sports bra and steer clear of fabric softener, which break down the fibers that make your sports bra stretchy and firm!

Tip #4: Sanitize your extra-sweaty bras.

If you have a sports bra that is extra sweaty or one that you found in an old gym bag then you might want to wash your sports bra on the sanitize cycle of the wash. If your machine doesn't have a sanitize cycle, you can sanitize it by washing it in extra hot water.

Tip #5: Lay your sports bra play or drape to air dry!

WARNING: DO NOT PUT YOUR SPORTS BRA IN THE DRYER. Drying your sports bra in the dryer could stretch them out. Air drying is worth the time it takes. Get a drying rack or drape your sports bra over a surface to let them breathe and dry. Hanging a sports bra by the straps will stretch the straps out.
Like any clothing, sports bras get worn out and need to be replaced. Depending on how often it gets worn, you may need to replace a sports bra every 6-12 months.

Here are a few signs you might need to replace your sports bra

-The tags are faded and no longer readable

-The band is stretched and no longer fits snugly

-You're noticing more movement in the bra when you workout

-It's pilling or looking worn in particular spots

 -If you've body has changed and the bra is no longer fitting you correctly

 -The bra rides up when you raise your arms.
Washing your sports bras frequently and correctly will help preserve your sports bras shape and fit, which saves you money at the end of the day. Bloom Bras are made out the the highest quality materials and are made to last through your toughest workouts.
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