list of new years resolutions to better self; drink more water, lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, earlier to bed

5 Easy Ways to Ease in 2019 Resolutions

Let's do this together no excuses.

We've all been there! A few weeks before New Year's, we're filled with giddy aspiration and resolutions. We tell ourselves this will finally be the year. February 1strolls around, and reality sets in. Somehow, before you know it, winter has returned, and you get all squirmy because you let your goal fall by the wayside.

It's OK. Below are some strategies to change your approach and reach your 2019 goals with no excuses. Resolutions are meant to form habits. Let's do this together.

  1. Start now.

You read that right. You may be thinking No fair! I have until the 1st. Start by doing something immediately, no matter how small. Taking a brisk walk can burns many calories as running. Ease into it. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, hit the dance floor at holiday parties, do some morning stretches. As Benjamin Franklin once said (and your mother always reminded you): Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Think about how that lightens the load on your shoulders. When 2019 comes, you'll already be in the right frame of mind and comfortable in your routine, so it will hardly seem like work.

  1. Think in the right terms.

Words are powerful. Observe the difference this small change makes

I have to go running later. versus I want to go running later. Did you catch that?

You don't have to. You chose your resolution. You control it and own it. Don't think about it like a chore. It's something you must be comfortable integrating as a lifestyle change. Your to-do list already looks like one of those cartoon scrolls that unfolds and covers the length of the room, so why waste time with something that doesn't fit with your life? A resolution isn't about positive thinking; it's accepting responsibility for the outcome of your goal. Remember that, today, you really do want to go running or drink water or try a yoga video.

If your resolution is daunting, consider this: you've already accomplished some great things from graduating college to building a career or raising a child, how about making dinner using something other than the microwave. You've proven you can do what you set your mind to s stop talking about what you wish, what you might do, what would be neat if the Universe allowed and state what you're going to do. The difference it makes will surprise you.

  1. Try different kinds of activities.

Whether it is trying a zumba class, doing a flight of stairs, running triathlons, lifting weights or contorting yourself in a manner better suited to being in a Cirque Du Soleil performance than in your yoga class. It's a clich̩, but set reasonable and achievable goals, ones that you're comfortable with. This a chance to expand your horizons, which is fun. You can use to find groups in your area that run, hike, bike, sail or play squash. Exercise a few times a week, but give yourself enough time to try a variety of new things before settling on a routine. Make it your resolution to add something new each month versus the dreaded February fall off

  1. Enlist help.

Sticking to your new exercise regimen will be easier if you bring someone along for the ride.

However, if none of your friends can train with you, they can still help. Pick someone to be accountable to. Share your goal, and send them a text or email after each accomplishment.

For example, if you're training for a marathon and your goal is to run daily, let your pal know as soon as you're done every day. Be sure to choose a friend who isn't easily annoyed by constant chatter. Your goals should be a point of pride for you and your friend, not a source of discomfort. He or she can provide encouragement, and even more importantly, you won't want to let them down. While today I feel like a pancake seems like a good reason to avoid exercise, it's much harder to offer that excuse to someone you respect. If you want extra encouragement, reach out to our team and we are happy to include you in our accountability pool.

  1. Ensure comfort during your workout.

Getting fit is no small task. We are all at different stages in life. A big part of that is carefully choosing your workout clothes. For women with large breasts, this is especially important: breast pain prevents one in three women from exercising. See some of our other blogs about exercising with big boobs. Being active is supposed to be enjoyable, not painful.

Here at Bloom Bras, we are confident that we have created the ultimate, most comfortable and functional sports bras designed for women by women. Our mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes, our bras using measurements from ladies of all shapes and sizes. Did you know that 1 in 3 women say that their breasts are a hinderance to working out?? It is our resolution to keep creating products for women like you and I frustrated with the lack of options regardless of bra size, body type or stage in life. We want your feedback! What else would you like to hear about from our team of ladies? If you are comfortable, we would love to hear your goals. And if you are keen, share on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter). All of our love Team Bloom Bras

Written by Diana Zabalovici

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