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3 Reasons Not To Go Braless During Quarantine

I know every large chested woman is feeling just as excited as I am to go braless nearly everyday! However, not wearing a bra for extended periods of time can lead to serious health issues down the road! 

Especially if you have big breasts. Victoria Shelton, Garment Technologist at Figleaves reported that if breasts are unsupported they could suffer damage to Cooper's ligament, the connective tissue in the breast that helps maintain structural integrity. Basically, not wearing a bra can affect your posture and the shape of your breasts, especially when you have big boobs.

Bras Always Have Your Back!

All my girls out there with just about any cup size can understand this, whether you are a 36C or a 38FF, breasts can cause so much pain. Overtime our shoulders are permanently indented from that awful thin bra strap! No thank you. A supportive bra will give your back a much-needed break while also enhancing the natural appearance of your breasts and providing the necessary support. An uplifting front-zip sports bra can help prevent neck and back problems all while improving your posture.

supportive bra graphic. two bras talking to each other.

Gravity Sucks

The main purpose of a bra is to ensure that your breasts are well supported throughout the day. Even though it may be tempting to run around your house with your bra off (even while on that zoom call!), this can cause your skin to lose elasticity.

As a result, your breasts will stretch at a faster rate. Give your body a much needed break and wear a bra that is suitable for your body type. Gravity isn't going anywhere, but your boobs might.

Wearing a bra that is meant for your body type does wonders. Every woman's body is different and beautiful in a unique way, so let's provide our chests the support it deserves.

two bras talking to each other and supporting each other graphic

Perk Up Your Confidence

Comfortability means confidence, ladies! Just because you may be social distancing that does not mean you don't need to feel good about yourself! There are still so many things you can do outside while safely social distancing yourself from others, 6ft of course. Wearing a well-fitting bra may change not only how you look in clothes, but how you feel. With proper support and style, you will have a fit that will leave you empowered!

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I found out the hard way when I fell and injured my ribs. Because I was not wearing a bra, the girls were wrenched every which way and now I am sleeping in a recliner because of intercostal muscle strain. Once I’m healed you can best bet I’ll be wearing my Bloom.


I miss working from home when I could go bra less whenever I felt like it!


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