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Signature Bloom Bra®

The Bloom Bra is a revolutionary sports bra designed specifically for larger-breasted women sizes 28C to 56L

  • Designed by top female minds from NASA, shipping and packaging experts and the celebrity corset designer of Oprah Winfrey.
  • Redistributes weight off of the shoulders and across the back for better posture and less back pain.
  • Creates natural lift without underwire or squishing the breasts.
  • The most size inclusive sports bra on the market, designed for comfort, adjustability, and breathability wire-free. 

Make sure to visit our Bloom Bras Size Guide Here before placing your order.

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Throw it in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. What type of workout gear, especially sports bras need to be treated gently?  Do not bleach or iron.  Back panel/top cup mesh: 77% polyamide 23%elastane, Bottom cup lining:80% polyamide, 20% elastane, Front shelf: 100% polyester but does not touch body, Strap mesh: 70% polyamide 30%elastane

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    High-quality locking zipper with a hook behind the zipper for easy zipping. Let's be honest, us busty ladies cannot easily zip or button anything up front.  Designed for women by women made of sturdy metal with a flap behind so that only fabric touches the body. 


    All of the adjustments are in the front. Getting all of those hooks in the back to match is like an aerobic workout. Slipping a sports bra over big breasts is virtually impossible. And Velcro falls apart, catches hair and disintegrates in the washing machine.

    The bra was designed to be comfortable, breathable, adjustable and feel great. Anything that touches your body is soft and wicking.

    Proudly designed in San Francisco by women 

    The back is a breathable mesh with seams designed to ride along the edges of your back so that the bra expands and contracts with you. All of the weight from the front is pulled to a point at the base of your neck and dispersed across your back giving a feeling of weightlessness. Great for posture and for those with nerve damage.


    We have a passion for breast health. Those pesky red lines you get from wearing an underwire bra are harmful and hurtful. So we made it a passion to get rid of the wire. The indirect correlation to breast cancer is not worth it. For those with big boobs, we do not have many options. You would not carry a 3 pound rock the same you would a 12 pound rock.


    Straps are wide and designed for comfort. They adjust to whatever level of lift you desire. We are not all symmetrical. There is a loop behind the strap to secure in place.


    Each cup has a cincher to customize to the cup size. This is our patented system designed in conjunction with one of the top celebrity corset designers in the world. 

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