Boob Sweat Is The Worst!

Boob Sweat Is The Worst!

Is it hot or is it just me?

Oh my gosh - I did not know I could sweat this much.  Can I be frank?  In times like these, I struggle because when I do not wear a bra, it is uncomfortable with the sweat underneath the girls.  A wired bra feels like it is just collecting puddles and causing chafing.  And most sport bras squeeze together causing a tiny waterway. 

The worst situation for me recently was I was giving a talk about innovation and starting a body inclusive line and the space was a big loft.  There was limited air circulation.   The moderator was wearing this beautiful silk blouse which had now soaked through leaving a perfect W outline.  

When I was designing Bloom Bras, it was with the specific intent to be comfortable and breathable.  The materials are designed to pull sweat away with wicking and mesh for breathability. I am a runner, dancer, hot yoga fan and often sweaty mess.  

Here is a little secret.....the pocket on each side of the bra was initially designed for an ice pack.  Yes, you heard me.  We just never launched it.  What are your thoughts?  Should we move forward??

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